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The Friends of Southgate School, known simply as FOSS, is a registered charity (number 1003733) that raises funds for the school. We work hard to provide funding for the extras that the school cannot afford from the normal educational budget.

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£ for £ (Matched Giving Scheme)

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£ for £ costs you nothing and can raise thousands of pounds for our school. It's offered by a number of companies such as banks and building societies to staff who volunteer to raise funds for a registered charity - FOSS is one!

Please, please check with your HR department at work. We can help facilitate the process and make it easy; by completing forms and providing appropriate evidence. Companies such as Barclays allow funds to be matched up to £750 which can have then make a huge difference to the funds to be able to spend on the children at Southgate School. Do you know if who you work for can help? See the list of companies below before you ignore this easy way of raising money for your children's benefit. Don't delay.

Some examples of companies known to offer matched funding to employees are Abbey, Alliance & Leicester, American Express, AXA, BAA, Bank of England, Barclays, BOC Group, Boots, BP, British Gas, Cable & Wireless, Carlsberg Tetley, Citibank, Co-operative Bank, Cornhill Insurance, DHL, Dixons, Ernst & Young, Experian, Ford, GlaxoSmithKline, Goldman Sachs, HBOS, IBM, JPMorgan & Co, Kelloggs, KPMG, Lloyds TSB, M&S, Microsoft, N Power, National Grid, Norwich Union, O2, Pfizer, PWC, RBS Group, Reuters, Royal London, Sainsburys, Siemens, Sky Broadcasting, Tesco, Thames Water, UBS, Unilever, United Utilities, Vodafone, W H Smith, Woolwich, Yorkshire Bank.

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Any parent/carer of a child at the school is welcome to attend our monthly meetings

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