Southgate School


It has always been the intention of the Geography Department that, over and above everything else, we aim to provide students with the range of geographical knowledge, understanding and skills that will enable them to make sense of the world in which they live. This can cover a range of subject matters as long as a spatial element exists. Although our focus is on people-environment issues, we would aim to synthesise what Geographers might term the ‘human’ and ‘physical’ elements of the subject.

Geography needs to promote the sense of wonder that makes students outward looking and curious about places. The department would hope to build on the contribution made to geographical understanding from Key Stage 2 and confront a number of current issues on a range of scales. The most complicated, though perhaps the most relevant, of these is the global scale. The days of thinking globally but acting locally are perhaps over. What might now be needed is for informed citizens to make clear choices about how they want their representatives to act. Our hope would be to provide the insights and analytical approach to enable our students to make such choices.

The Geography Department at Southgate is experienced and has a record of success that enables students to further their studies beyond the A level course that we offer. We have a wide ranging programme of fieldwork activities and work on the assumption that the best way to learn about different places is to experience them personally.

Ms J Mansell- Head of Department