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Chinese Calligraphy Workshop

Posted on: December 13th 2019

Chinese calligraphy workshop

Another successful learning experience at Southgate!2

Some Year 9 students attended the Chinese calligraphy workshop that was run by an external specialist assisted by Mrs Clarke from school.

The students were so keen to learn and were completely engaged.

During the session, they were taught twelve Chinese characters. They worked out the 4meaning of the characters by referring to “pictures” that formed parts of each word.

They learnt the way of holding a Chinese brush, and followed the instructions to write Chinese characters using special ink for Chinese calligraphy.

Although the teacher chose some difficult Chinese characters, students were very enthusiastic, adventurous and resilient in exploring the new learning experience.

3All students said that they really enjoyed writing calligraphy because using the special brush was relaxing.

They also found it very calm and fun, and did not want the lesson to end.

The teachers were so proud of them.

The photos below show their fantastic final products.