House System

House System at Southgate School

The House system at Southgate School wishes to foster a sense of community, team work and competition. We aim to give each student in our school the opportunity to take part in a range of activities and be rewarded for their hard work and excellence in academic studies.

Points are awarded in line with the school vision of Dedication, Inspiration, Opportunity:


Excellence in class/home learning.

Marked improvement over time.


Service to the school and community.


Participation in wider school activity.


Students can track their progress on EPraise and will achieve awards when reaching milestones:



Bronze Certificate


Silver Certificate


Gold Certificate


Diamond Award


Sapphire Award



Students can also be awarded Pledges from Years 7 – 10, each Pledge is worth 25 points and students can achieve Bronze, Silver and Gold through the Pledges:

  • Participate in extra-curricular activities
  • Participate in enrichment activities
  • Take part in student leadership activities
  • Achieve 100% Attendance and Punctuality
  • Present formally to an audience 
  • Take part in a school production or event
  • Be actively involved in a community event
  • Participate in a charity event
  • Help with the sustainability of the school
  • Be an Ambassador for the school


At Southgate School we have 4 Houses; each House has its on ethos and identity. All students in the House system are issued with their own House badge which they wear with pride.


Our principles reflect the essence of water; transparency exemplifies the honesty and trust we have for one another. We depend on water to survive and that team ethic and willingness to help one another is what creates a family feeling within the House. Although we may seem calm and seamless on the surface, inside we all have the drive and desire to better ourselves in all aspects of Southgate School life, especially through House competitions.

Ms Butler: Head of House - Water


The element of Air gives us room to breathe, widens our lungs and with them, opens us to personal freedom. This allows us to be smart thinkers and handle abstract reasoning well. We love to analyse, synthesize and probe. We look at all sides of the equation and can glean the best approach. 

As members of Air, we aim to be objective, cooperative and an intellectual team that can accomplish anything!

Mr Gowreah: Head of House – Air


People of Fire are natural leaders as they convey their passions with an intensity that compels others to pay attention.

We encourage people to be Enthusiastic, Passionate and Dynamic.

Turning a negative into a positive is what we strive for in all areas of life including friendships, education and challenges we may face. Fire is a symbol of strength and renewal.

Ms Martin: Head of House – Fire


One Team, One Spirit, One Win!

Earth inspires grandeur, strength and unity. All Earth members aim to be supportive of one another and dedicated to their House​. Through their participation in House competitions, Earth members bond together and are able to demonstrate their enthusiasm, their resilience and their healthy competitive spirit.


 Ms Osei-Afriyie: Head of House - Earth

For further information on the House system please contact Ms Lynch - Associate SLT (Support and Intervention) via email to

House team

Ms Martin – Head of Fire, Ms Milsom – Enrichment and Student Leadership, Mr Gowreah – Head of Air, Ms Osei-Afriyie – Head of Earth, Ms Butler – Head of Water and Ms Lynch – SLT member for Rewards, Enrichment and Student Leadership