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Letters Home

Letters Home Date  
Year 7 London Zoo Trip 02nd May 2018 Download
KS3 Supporting your child in preparing for GCSE English 21st Dec 2017 Download
13 Year 7 Parents' Info Evening - Supporting Your Child's Literacy Skills 26th Sep 2017 Download
06 Equipment list letter.doc 08th Sep 2017 Download
07 Year 7 Welcome Back Letter from Mr Lavelle 08th Sep 2017 Download
Welcome Back Letter from Mr Lavelle 08th Sep 2017 Download
11 Top back to school tips every parent needs to know 08th Sep 2017 Download
12 Year 7 Bollywood Blast Project 07th Sep 2017 Download
Drama Trip to Chickenshed Theatre 06th Sep 2017 Download
04 MAT Letter 4th September 17 04th Sep 2017 Download
Options talk Year 9 2017.pdf 16th Mar 2017 Download
Ski Trip 2017 Equipment Information 02nd Nov 2016 Download
Ski Trip 2017 Brochure 02nd Nov 2016 Download
Welcome Back from Mr Martin Lavelle 06th Sep 2016 Download
Show My Homework Parents Letter 04th Jul 2016 Download
Show My Homework 04th Jul 2016 Download
Parent Login Instructions 24th Jun 2016 Download
Show My Homework Parent Information Pack 24th Jun 2016 Download
Music Festival Application Form 19th May 2016 Download
Year 11 Mock Letter 15th Mar 2016 Download
Year 10 Exam Letter 13th Mar 2016 Download
Futures Day 09th Feb 2016 Download
Traffic on Sussex Way 01st Feb 2016 Download
Year 9 Options 21st Jan 2016 Download
Uniform Rebranding Letter 10th Nov 2015 Download
Safeguarding Evening 03rd Nov 2015 Download
Standards and Expectations Letter 12th Jul 2015 Download
Lead Learner Group letter 12th December 2015.pdf 12th Dec 2015 Download
Video Links to Support Growth Mindsets 14th Jan 2016 Download
Year 11 Prom 17th Jan 2016 Download
Year Book Letter 05th Feb 2016 Download
Year 7 Parents' Evening 24th Feb 2016 Download
Ski Letter.doc 03rd May 2016 Download
KS 3 Sports Day letter for parents Yr 7.docx 25th May 2016 Download
KS 3 Sports Day letter for parents Yr 8 9.docx 25th May 2016 Download
After School Activities.doc 04th Jan 2017 Download
Bugsy Malone School Production Letter.doc 05th Jan 2017 Download
Impact letter.doc 12th Jan 2017 Download
Futures Day.doc 19th Jan 2017 Download
Chickenshed show and workshops 10 and 11.doc 19th Jan 2017 Download
Chickenshed show and workshops year 9.doc 19th Jan 2017 Download
Trumpets and raspberries.doc 19th Jan 2017 Download
Literacy Evening.doc 23rd Jan 2017 Download
Options Letter.doc 23rd Jan 2017 Download
Battlefields Trip Letter.docx 27th Jan 2017 Download
Year 11 Yearbook.doc 31st Jan 2017 Download
Year 8 Parents Evening 2017.doc 03rd Feb 2017 Download
Blowin in the Wind.doc 03rd Feb 2017 Download
Battlefields Trip Information.pptx 07th Feb 2017 Download
Numeracy Evening 3.doc 09th Feb 2017 Download
Year 9 Parents Evening CD.doc 27th Feb 2017 Download
Year 9 Parents Evening LY.doc 27th Feb 2017 Download
Yearbook letter 2017 2.docx 01st Mar 2017 Download
Books shop trip letter March 2017.doc 07th Mar 2017 Download
Year 10 Exams Letter 2017.doc 09th Mar 2017 Download
Enrichment letter.doc 14th Mar 2017 Download
Ski Letter 2018.doc 21st Mar 2017 Download
Mock letter 2017 Easter.docx 23rd Mar 2017 Download
Globe Players Letter.doc 27th Mar 2017 Download
Sports Day Years 7 8 and 9.doc 28th Mar 2017 Download
Parent Governor Election April 17.doc 25th Apr 2017 Download
Declaration of Eligibility.doc 25th Apr 2017 Download
Year 9 closure of school letter.doc 02nd May 2017 Download
Epping Forest Letter 2017.doc 09th May 2017 Download
GCSE Evening Letter 15th June.doc 21st May 2017 Download
01 Changes to the school day June 2017.doc 26th May 2017 Download
SOUTHGATE SCHOOL SCHOOL DAY JUNE 2017.docx 26th May 2017 Download
Music Concert 20th June 2017.doc 20th Jun 2017 Download
Year 7 Letter 21st June 17.doc 22nd Jun 2017 Download
05 Year 7 Parent Letter PC Dot White.doc 06th Sep 2017 Download
Let Me Play 15th September 2017.doc 15th Sep 2017 Download
Tragedy Conference 2017.doc 18th Sep 2017 Download
07 Gilwell letter 2017.doc 18th Sep 2017 Download
Thorpe Park Trip Letter 2017.doc 19th Sep 2017 Download
Year 13 Trip Portsmoth 2017.docx 27th Sep 2017 Download
08 KS3 Science Evening 19th October.doc 10th Oct 2017 Download
Bollywood Brass Band Workshop 1 Letter.doc 18th Oct 2017 Download
Year 7 Meet the Tutor 18th Oct 2017 Download
Additional Inset Day letter 31st October 2017.doc 03rd Nov 2017 Download
Southgates Got Talent.doc 10th Nov 2017 Download
DofE Lttr 17th November 2017.doc 17th Nov 2017 Download
Year 10 Parents Evening Lttr.doc 17th Nov 2017 Download
Christmas Concert Lttr.doc 24th Nov 2017 Download
Ski Trip Info Brochure 17 18.pdf 28th Nov 2017 Download
Preparing for GCSE English Evening 2018.pdf 12th Jan 2018 Download
Year 8 Parents Evening.docx 16th Jan 2018 Download
KS4 KS5 Pinocchio Drama Trip Letter.doc 17th Jan 2018 Download
Chickenshed show and workshops 10 2018.doc 21st Jan 2018 Download
Monolog.doc 21st Jan 2018 Download
Year 9 Options Letter.doc 01st Feb 2018 Download
Futures Day letter all years.doc 06th Feb 2018 Download
Parents Evening 2018 CD Half.doc 20th Feb 2018 Download
Musical Performance at Chickenshed Theatre.doc 21st Feb 2018 Download
Screening of Equus.doc 21st Feb 2018 Download
Additional Yr11 Mocks letter 2018.docx 27th Feb 2018 Download
Parents Evening 2018 LY Half.doc 28th Feb 2018 Download
Additional Yr11 Mocks letter 2018.docx 08th Mar 2018 Download
PTA Letter.doc 14th Mar 2018 Download
One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest Performance.doc 16th Mar 2018 Download
Southgate Ski Trip 2019.doc 19th Mar 2018 Download
Online Safety Presentation for Parents.pdf 29th Mar 2018 Download
Easter Revison letter 2018 Final.doc 09th Apr 2018 Download
Southgate PTA Request for boards.pdf 02nd May 2018 Download
Knife Crime Lttr 8th May 2018.pdf 08th May 2018 Download
Sports Day Letter to Parents 2018.doc 17th May 2018 Download
Year 13 Letter to Parents study leave revision 2018.docx 24th May 2018 Download
Sports Day Letter to Parents 2018 Letter 2.doc 04th Jun 2018 Download
Music Festival Concert.doc 07th Jun 2018 Download
Welcome back letter Sept 18.pdf 11th Sep 2018 Download
Chickenshed workshops year 10.doc 20th Sep 2018 Download
Letter to Parents Southgate SKI.pdf 04th Oct 2018 Download
Surfanic schools brochure 2018 19.pdf 04th Oct 2018 Download
Head Lice Notice.doc 12th Oct 2018 Download