Mnn 2I am delighted to be leading the Sixth Form at Southgate School in this exciting times. It is my goal that all students feel inspired - both academically and through enrichment opportunities to achieve personal excellence.

Our staff genuinely care for our students and work hard to achieve the ideal balance between nurturing students as they transition into Key Stage 5 and encouraging excellence through personal or academic challenge. Students at Southgate School are overwhelmingly positive about the support and guidance they receive from staff, especially when it comes to support for university applications.  We’ve also welcomed back several students in the last few years who began Year 12 at another Sixth Form and missed the support and guidance of staff at Southgate School.

In addition to encouraging academic aspiration, we cultivate the skills needed for success at A Level and beyond - independence, resilience and critical thinking -through assemblies, our tutorial programme and regular visits from guest speakers. You can learn more about what specific departments ofer at A level by watching our Sixth Form at Southgate School videos.

At Southgate School, we inspire students to grasp opportunities to regularly step outside their comfort zone and contribute to the wider school community. We love to celebrate when this happens through our pledge scheme and Sixth Sense, our Sixth Form newsletter. It is wonderful to see our students being excellent role models both within the Sixth Form, to the younger years within the school and in the wider community of Enfield.

I strongly encourage students at Southgate School and from other schools in the area to seriously consider choosing our Sixth Form, especially if you are looking for a post 16 option that is both challenging and nurturing. We will have a positive impact on your lives, not just while you are students here, but long into the future as you enjoy and employ the skills and character developed during your time at Southgate School.


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