Southgate School
  • 04:01 PM - 29th March, 2017 No Pens Wednesday today Read more
  • 11:31 AM - 29th March, 2017 Battling the Bard with Year 8 and the Globe Players Read more
  • 11:53 AM - 28th March, 2017 Beautiful views of London from the London Eye sent to us courtesy of Ms Little who is leading the Headteacher Rewar… Read more
  • 09:57 AM - 28th March, 2017 The sun is shinning and what a lovely day it is for the Headteacher's Rewards Trip to the London Eye… Read more
  • 02:15 PM - 27th March, 2017 Students are busy preparing for the Easter Concert being held Thursday 30th March @ 7.00pm tickets available on the door

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