School Day Structure - September 2020

The structure of the school day

The main thing to note about the school day, from September, is just how close to normal it is. We are fortunate in that our site and our staggered breaks and lunchtimes, mean that managing the government guidance is possible, but we are keen to ensure minimal further disruption to you and your children, so please note the following:

All students arrive at normal time i.e. by 8.35am and go to their Year Group allocated zones. These are:

  • Years 12 and 13 – 6th form centre
  • Years 10 and 11 – West Play (which will be divided between the two)
  • Years 8 and 9 – East Play (which will be divided between the two)
  • Year 7 – Piazza

Breakfast Club will still function, but students must sit on tables allocated to their Year Group. The canteen will be used by Years 10 and 11, the main Hall by KS3 and the Servery will be out of bounds in the morning. Lessons will begin at normal time and break and lunchtimes will remain at the same time as usual.

Breaktime 1 - Years 7 and 10

  • Year 7 will be in the main hall and Year 10 in the canteen.
  • Years 12 and 13 will be restricted to their own area (for lunch time as well)

Breaktime 2 - Years 8, 9 and 11

  • Year 11 will use the 6th form downstairs canteen
  • Year 9 will use the canteen
  • Year 8 will use the main hall

For both break times, students will queue separately in their Year Groups on either side of the canteen. There will be clear signage and staff on duty, to guide students and ensure that they remain in their bubbles.

Lunch times

Queueing will be as described for break time but students will then go to the above allocated eating areas. There will be no servery to sit in.

End of Day

This is the only real change to the order of our regular day. We will ensure students have a staggered departure, in part to allow for public transport limitations. So:

  • Years 7 and 8 depart at 2.40pm (3.10pm if they have a detention)
  • Years 9 and 12 depart 2.50pm (normal time)
  • Years 10, 11 and 13 will depart at 3.00pm all year to help with their catching up with work.