Lateral Flow Testing

Dear Parent/Carer
Lateral Flow Testing 
As you will have read in the news, a mass testing program is being conducted throughout all schools. Recent pilots have shown how rapid testing can be used effectively to positively impact schools and colleges. The ‘lateral flow’ tests that will be provided to schools and colleges produce results in approximately thirty minutes.
We have now received testing kits, including personal protective equipment (PPE) with comprehensive guidance and training materials and support to introduce a testing programme that works for staff, students and pupils at Southgate School. This testing programme is a crucial opportunity to remove as many positive, but asymptomatic, cases from circulation as possible before lessons start again.
The tests are voluntary, free of charge and will require parental consent for students. We hope as many students as possible will take the test to minimise the risk of infections spreading and that you will support us in this effort for everyone’s safety. We will ONLY contact you directly if we receive a positive response.
I am therefore writing to ask for your consent for your child to take the test. Attached is a link to an Electronic Consent Form – please complete this as soon as possible. All students will be tested twice, between three and five days apart. Before we invite your child to the school for a test, we need your consent.
Please complete the online form to give your consent:-

Those taking the tests will be supervised by trained staff. The ‘lateral flow’ tests are quick and easy using a swab of your nose and throat. This link takes you to a NHS instructional leaflet with more information as to how the self-administered test process works.

We know these tests work - in validation studies conducted by Oxford University and Public Health England, they were shown to be as accurate in identifying a case as a PCR test (99.68% specificity). The tests have lower sensitivity but they are better at picking up cases when a person has higher viral load, hence the need to test frequently.

A copy of Southgate School's Privacy Statement can be at found /204/letters-home

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Southgate School 

Invitation to special PTA meeting with Mr Lavelle and Ms Hussein on Tuesday 2nd March. Please contact for further details.