Home Testing

Your child has been issued with a Home Testing Kit.  Students should be testing twice weekly. Households, childcare providers and support bubbles can also access lateral flow tests by going to their nearest home testing collection point or by ordering online:-

The Department for Education has asked that schools remind families that it is absolutely vital that everyone records the result of every test done online and every time they do it on the NHS website for negative, void or positive results.  It is critical that this process happens.  Once the test is set up, it really doesn’t take very long to log the result. The link to log results with the NHS is as follows:-


Ongoing participation is really important to the government’s strategy to get us out of lockdown and I think we are all very ready for lockdown restrictions to end!

Parents are also reminded of the importance of logging results with the school.  The link to log results with the school is as follows:

Research suggests that it is incredibly unlikely to get a false positive lateral flow test result (less than 1 in 1000 people).  If your child does have a positive result you must confirm this with a PCR test and whilst waiting for the test and its outcome, your child and their close contacts will have to self-isolate.  In the very unlikely scenario that the PCR result differs from the lateral flow test, the PCR outcome would override the lateral flow test result.  Parents should inform the school immediately if your child tests positive.

It is also important that families keep testing through Ramadan; British Islamic Groups have advised that testing will not invalidate your fast.