House System

House Points 1The House system at Southgate School wishes to foster a sense of community, team work and competition.

We aim to give each student in our school the opportunity to take part in a range of activities and be rewarded for their hard work and excellence in academic studies.


Points are awarded in line with the school vision of Excellence for All. Students receive points for Excellence, Improvement, Community and School Activity.

Students can track their progress on EPraise and will achieve awards when reaching milestones.

House PointsStudents can also be awarded Pledges from Years 7 – 11, each Pledge is worth 25 points and students can achieve Bronze, Silver and Gold through the Pledges:

  • Participate in extra-curricular activities
  • Participate in enrichment activities
  • Attendance and Punctuality
  • Offer a help and support to their peers
  • Take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Are nominated as Students of the Week
  • Take part in school competitions
  • Are working independently in their subjects
  • Take part in student leadership activities
  • Present to an audience
  • Be actively involved in a community event
  • Help with the sustainability of the school
  • Be an Ambassador for the school

At Southgate School we have 4 Houses, each House has its own ethos and identity. All students in the House system are issued with their own House badge which they wear with pride.