Southgate School

FOSS 300 Club

FOSS regretfully announces the closure of 300 Club. Owing to a drop in numbers (currently less than 100) and in accordance with our terms & conditions of minimum member requirements (see document below), we are no longer able to continue running the 300 Club. The final draw took place in June 2016 and the club has now ceased. All current members have been notified by email.

FOSS would like to take this opportunity to say a BIG thank you to those of you who have participated in this fundraising initiative since it first began in 2012.  We hope you've found it fun and we're glad that some of you have enjoyed being winners! 

Please continue to support the school in any way you can, whether you attend events, help out at them or if you're too busy for any of that you can always make a donation via Parent Pay.  No amount is too small and all contributions help make a huge difference to the school!


Documents Date  
Club 300 Terms and Conditions 19th Oct 2015 Download