Southgate School

Sixth Form Application Process - GCSE Results Day

Thank you for attending Induction day.  I hope you found it a useful experience.  Please read the important information below.

Thursday 22rd August is results day.  On this day you will receive your results and a letter from the 6th form.   This letter must be read very carefully as a reply will be expected.  You can register for the 6th form on this day.  A member of staff will be here until 2.00 pm.

If you have met your offer then you must accept your place by email by Friday 23rd August.  If you’ve met your offer but want to make changes you can do so by email, by Tuesday 27th August.

If you have not met your offer you will have to attend an interview to discuss course choice – these will take place on Thursday 22 August  all day in W5.

If you do not meet the minimum entry criteria then we will be unable to offer you a course.  A member of staff will be present on this day to offer any advice.

If you are an external student then registration will take place on Friday 23rd August (9-10).  You must bring a copy of your results with you and your UPN number.  If there are any issues with this then please email on the below address.

The first day of term is Thursday 5th September.  You will be expected in the hall at 8.40 am.

If you have any questions then please email us on