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Southgate's School Production of Oliver

Posted on: January 23rd 2020


15th, 16th, 17th January 2020

Last week saw the amazing production of ‘Oliver!’ Our students worked incredibly hard to achieve a professional and polished performance.  West Grove, De Bohun and Trent schools sent pupils to see the first ‘Oliver!’ show. They have said how impressed with the production they were and how much all the pupils enjoyed it.

“The show was wonderful - the children in my Year 6 class loved it as did I and my colleagues.”


“A standing ovation to all the staff, pupils and team for the ‘Oliver!’ Production!  It was absolutely fantastic, so professional, and a complete delight to watch and hear!  Thank you very much to everyone involved for all the hard work and time given to produce such an amazing show!”

“The hard work and passion was evident every night in fantastic, confident and joyful group and individual performances. All our family and friends who came to see the show were amazed and very impressed!”

“I was thoroughly impressed with the talent of the show, clearly a lot of hard work and effort had gone into the production. Brilliant showcase of the schools talent.” 

“We thought it was West End standard and left the school on a high.” 

“All of the performing students were excellent and showed such enthusiasm and talent.  The production was so well done and enthralling. The overall impression was one of total dedication and commitment by the teachers and students to deliver a top quality production.”

“It is difficult to keep saying that each show is better than the last, but 'Oliver' was just that. I saw it on Friday evening and was thrilled. The students rose to the occasion, playing 19th century London's outcast orphans, urchins and pickpockets with gusto and making the most of Lionel Bart's witty lyrics. It was very pleasing to see so many boys in the production singing and dancing their hearts out.  And that was what came across to the audience - the enjoyment of these kids was palpable. 

And what talent!  The main characters - Fagin, Nancy, The Artful Dodger and, of course, young Oliver himself - were finely portrayed bringing depth and sensitivity to the parts.  Nancy's tender rendering of 'As Long As He Needs Me' made me realise for the first time that it is not a love song so much as a cry from a victim of domestic violence and coercion. And Fagin brought both pathos and witty humour to his performance of ``Reviewing the Situation'.  But there were other gems from minor characters:  'Who Will Buy' was beautifully sung in close harmony by the rose seller, the milk maid, the knife grinder and the strawberry seller; and Bill Sykes, Dickens' only real villain, was marvellously grim with a menacing gravelly voice difficult to achieve by a youngster.

I can't conclude without mentioning the superb band of musicians who must have been completely exhausted by the end of the evening, and the clever choreographer, set designers and lighting crew. The whole production hung together totally convincingly thanks to the collaboration of the Drama and Music Departments.  They go from strength to strength.” 


Oliver Twist - Chadi Bahja                                     Mr Bumble – Megan Dawson

Widow Corney – Mia O’Keefe                             Noah Claypole – Tom Pajak

Mr Sowerberry – Sofia Baloch                            Mrs Sowerberry – Sintija Tainvyte

Charlotte – Eliana Papademetriou                     The Artful Dodger - Evie Freeman

Fagin – Will Prior                                                     Nancy – Josie Sizzler

Bet – Olivia Tan                                                        Old Sally – Lucia Maestri 

Bill Sykes – Indio Campbell Yates                       Mrs Bedwin – Megan Dawson

Mr Brownlow – Yalie Hill                                      Dr Grimwig – Zoe Wood

Rose seller – Jasmine Regan                                Milk Maid – Grace Cooper

Strawberry Seller – Rose Cahill                           Knife Grinder – Isaac Freeman

Chorus – orphans, Fagin’s Gang, Street vendors

Rose Cahill, Isabella Sharie, Erin Cooper, Hugo Sacramento, Isaac Freeman, Polina Neykova, Isabella Rizzo, Maya Woolf, Evan Maddox, Eleanor Demetriou, Adam Karanisis, Brea McLoughlin, Leah Chapman, Lola Blanchard, Katie Athanasi, Ayaan Javaid, Tess Hunter, Zhane Bestman, Esmee Sharie, Matilde Porcedda, Lucia Maestri, Tom Pajak, Ela Sanverdi, Kajetan Tober, Abby Sagar, Ayse Neva Sark, Jason Sagar, Yiara Victoria, Nephthys Francis, Harry Saich, Grace Cooper, Caspar Woodward, Jasmine Regan


Henry Severn-Miltiadous, Emilio Anastasi, Amy Barnes Watson, Oliver David, Olivia Moore, Leena Patel, Joseph Sheldon, Kasper Starzec, Eliza Sheldon, Anna Hergenhan, Aoife Dann, Hannah Fry, Alexander Star

Back Stage Crew

Joy Eriaku, Kacper Gryniewicz, Maya Langdell, Hanna-Lili Rice-Smyth, Tara Salem, Jade Binns, Ianthe Wainer

Directors, Producers, Designers, Conductors, Vocal Coaches & Choreographers

Ms Constantinou, Mrs Bradford, Ms Dawson, Mrs Ballantyne, Ms Barker, Ms Couzin, Mr Evans, Mr Tiburcio, Mr Scanlan

A special thank you to the following people for all of their help and support

Mr Neched, Mr Kyprianou, Mr Best, Mr Goodey, Ms Basselet, Ms Theobald

Ms Rai, Ms Wells, Ms Presland, Ms Willoughby, Ms Carroll, Mr Lavelle

Mr Broadwell, Ms Cooke, Mr Ferrie, Ms Dorrian, Mr Scanlan, Ms Lynch,

Ms Hussein, Ms Lucas, Ms Harmer, Ms Mann, Ms Gabriel, Ms Douglas,

Ms Michaelides, Mr Pearce, Mr Laurenzi, Southgate School PTA​

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