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Update on Brilliant Club, Jack Petchey Awards and Children's Universities

Posted on: November 13th 2015


After a successful trip to Warwick University, Year 7 and 8 demonstrated their maturity and shocked their PhD tutors with the level of prior knowledge they already had regarding their topic. Tutorials started on Thursday 12th November and all students have shown great enthusiasm towards The Scholars Programme.

Congratulations to our 3 Jack Petchey Winners this year:

Kerri Nicoloau 13G- Nominated by Alice Waugh and Mr Carrigy (head of 6th form) for completing her Gold DofE and her positive contribution to the sixth form.

Maddy Penn 9L2- Nominated by Ms Kellow for overall dedication to school life and unbelievable commitment to extracurricular activities.

Kiran Copper 7D1- Nominated by Kaan Kartal for being extremely helpful to all of his peers. As well as having a forgiving and trustworthy nature.

Students have been rewarded a certificate, pin badge, membership card and a congratulations leaflet during their year group assembly. They now have to make the decision of how they would like to spend £200 each to benefit the school and students.

Year 7, if you are stuck on what learning destinations you can attend, follow the link to help you locate your local learning destinations: