Young Panathlon Sports Leaders

Posted on: January 15th 2015

On Thursday 15th January, eight Year 10 students went to Southbury Leisure Centre to help run the Panathlon Challenge as Young Sports Leaders, following their official training in December.  The Panathlon Challenge is a national charity which provides sporting opportunities for over 4,000 disabled young people each year. 

In December, our Sports Leaders spent the day at West Lea School with representatives from Panathlon, learning the skills and attributes needed to successfully lead various events for students with additional educational needs and disabilities. 

Description: Southbury%20-%200018[1]The events included Polybat, Boccia and Table Cricket, as well as other adapted games and events.  The main event in January was a great success and our students were a true credit to Southgate School.

The feedback about our students from the event organisers was really inspiring and they described our Year ten students as being like A-level students in terms of their general attitude and adaptability to the situation.

Our students have not only gained some invaluable leadership and organisational skills, but have been part of a fantastic charity that provides memorable sporting experiences for students who struggle to access main curriculum sports. 

Mrs. Pacey and Mr. Beckles -PE Department

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