Summer School 2021

Our Summer School 2021 took place between 26th -28th July 2021 for Year 6 students joining Southgate School in September 2021.  169 students who attended were welcomed by seven teachers and teaching assistants.  The students enjoyed transitional activities such as meeting teachers, subject support for English and Maths and wellbeing-based activities such as ‘getting–to-know-you’ exercises.  They also made masks in a fun and engaging Art session, played sports at break and lunch and enjoyed a school lunch together in the Canteen. The Summer School was funded by £7,686 Summer School funding from the Department for Education.  £6,518 of staffing costs were incurred planning and running the summer school.  The students were provided with break-time and lunch food; £1,168 was spent on catering and other sundry costs.