Southgate School


Our capacity to make sense of life through seeing and touching is breath taking. Our instincts to reshape our environment not simply to meet our needs for shelter and warmth but to meet our intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual needs are deeply rooted. Art aims to satisfy our need to use sight and touch to understand, express, feel and to communicate.

At Southgate school we nurture children’s unique desire to make art to make sense. Through stimulus and challenge we aim to development the individual skills and knowledge to become literate in a visual and tactile sense as well as fluent makers of art. We believe that in doing so we assist children to attain their full capacity as humans.

We have a long tradition as a high achieving department, teaching in mixed ability classes, with notable successes across all the age ranges. We provide a broad and balanced experience of two and three dimensional studies, work on a range of scales and with a broad selection of tools, materials and processes. With have facilities for digital artwork, printmaking, ceramic kilns, screen-printing and darkroom for black and white film photography.

The experiences and learning, enrichment, vocational, competitions

Pupils experience and attainment is enhanced with after school art clubs for Years 7-11, gallery visits, Year 7 Carnival,  life drawing for Year 12 and 13 pupils, photography location shoots, competitions, annual fashion show as well as annual summer exhibitions of art.

We are a team of committed art and design specialists with a broad range of skills across a wide range of art disciplines. Whilst we teach specific groups of pupils in our classes we have an open approach. Older pupils, particularly in Years 11 -13 become used to advice and useful comment from teachers who are not ‘their art teacher’.

GSCE course in Art, Fine Art and Three dimensional studies

GCE A levels in Art (with an option to specialise in Art Critical studies), Photography and Level 3 Vocational Art.

We serve the wider school community through displays of work around school, our annual 60/60 exhibition* of work by parents and teacher

We have a commitment to the wider community of the school through Year 7 displays of artwork around the school, Year 7 Carnival

Mr K Graham - Head of Department