Southgate School


The Science department consists of a team of enthusiastic, engaging and capable teachers who are committed to provide our students with an exciting and enriching learning experience.  We aim to ‘enthuse’ our students and open their minds to the breadth and depth of scientific learning. This perspective enables students to make learning about science and its ability to transform our daily lives into a life-long passion. The application of scientific ideas and an appreciation of their impact on society are fundamental in today's workforce and global markets.

We aim to encourage all of our students to become independent learners in readiness for their future. Lessons include both theoretical and practical work which provides our students with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and gives them the chance to apply their ideas, which will improve their ability to think and make deductions.  In order to further support for our students, we run a number booster classes, master classes, as well a STEM club which will start after Christmas.

The students are given numerous opportunities to experience Science outside the classroom through short trips to museums, the zoo, work with organisations such as Kings College, Imperial College, the National Institute of Medical Research, the Building Research Establishment in Watford and CERN in Geneva in Switzerland. Traditionally we also play host to the Annual Mayors Award for Science in Enfield that gives students from all over Enfield to participate in practical challenges, some of which are completed at the University of Middlesex.

Dr. S. Suharan - Head of Department