Southgate School


The history department is proud of its record of academic success built up over a long period of time. This is the result of an experienced and united team of practitioners who have combined to utilise all the elements of the subject discipline in order to develop and enhance students’ appreciation and grasp of the subject.  Whilst adhering closely to official guidelines as regards content, the department has striven to maximise the potential for SOLs that encourage and stimulate the individual learner. The continuity achieved as regards developing skills has resulted in a smooth progression through the key stages so that by GCSE, students are prepared for achieving a successful outcome and the high percentage pass rate of recent years is evidence of this. The numbers selecting history at GCSE and A level further illustrate how successful the department is.

Opportunities to develop engagement with the subject are not confined to the classroom and whenever possible, visits are a part of the curriculum. Such visits include a Year 8 trip to the Tower of London. In Year 9 a visit from a Holocaust speaker takes place. In addition, sixth form visits to the Army museum, Auschwitz and Berlin take place and further visits are being planned.

The department appreciates the need to prepare students for the modern world and therefore places priority on learning about topics that have relevance to an understanding of issues that confront everyone. At the same time, a wish to promote critical thinking and independent enquiry pervades all that is undertaken so that all students are given the opportunity to challenge themselves and develop a desire for further pursuit of the subject.

Mr D Smith - Head of Department