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Careers Education, Information Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)

Here at Southgate School it is important for us to ensure that students are equipped to make the transition into adulthood and the world of work, having gone through a programme designed to help them make good choices.

CEIAG at Southgate is a thought-out, deliberate and timely programme of events and experiences which not only prepare students to make choices at ages 14, 16, 17 and 18 but inspires them to be the best they can be.

CEIAG can’t begin too soon. Many students dream about their ideal career, some from a young age. For these students, it is important to allow them to experience and learn more about their dream profession. However, for those who are less certain, it is equally important that they are allowed to explore and learn what the world of work can offer them.

CEIAG is delivered through a whole host of events, activities and experiences. From PSHE lessons, tutorial, assemblies and Futures Day to Work Experience, the Careers Fair and careers interviews, every student will have an opportunity to learn about life beyond Southgate School.

In Years 7 and 8, students will have the opportunity, through PSHE to explore their own personalities, skills and interests in order to understand how to make suitable choices in the coming years. These students will also participate in team building events such as ‘Dragon’s Den’ and ‘Take Your Child to Work Day’.

Year 9 sees students having to make some very important choices regarding their future options and some will gear their choices around their ambition and aspirations. Again through PSHE and the guidance programme, students will have already gained valuable information about different professions and pathways.

Year 10 heralds the start of real life exploration of what the world of work is about. Work Experience at Southgate isn’t just some we ‘do’. In fact, we decided to keep offering work experience to our students when the government decided it was no longer statutory, such is our belief that it is a fundamental process whereby students can make real life decision about the career and pathway they may wish to take.

In Year 11, students are carefully guided through the sometimes difficult process of choosing what to do next. We use our data carefully to ensure that each student is given the correct guidance at the right time during this vital year and while we have the aim of ensuring that no student leaves us without having a secure offer from a college, sixth form or employer, more importantly, we want our leavers to be happy and have a sense of fulfilment in the choices they have made. And so, careers interviews, careers fairs and information giving are just some of the ways we ensure that this happens.

The majority of our Year 11 students stay on to start in our sixth form. We do not take this for granted and so we ensure all students know what our sixth form has to offer and we are secure enough to know that although they may explore alternatives, many choose to come back to us because of the quality of pastoral care and teaching they will receive.

Year 9

During this important year, students are exposed to a range of career related opportunities designed to help them make informed GCSE choices. Futures Day features highly when students are given taster lessons in subjects they may be interested in choosing for future study. This is an opportunity to ask subject experts where their subject can lead. Our Futures Programme has also enabled us to draw upon the wealth of expertise local employers can provide. We make the most of offers from industry to come into school to share with our students their experiences and advice about their line of work.

Year 10

At Southgate, we are committed to our work experience programme. All students complete a period of work experience at the end of Year 10. Most find their own placements and those who can’t are offered one by employers who year after year, agree to take another student. Why? Read the employer comments from 2016 to find out.

If you think you could offer a work experience placement and would enjoy supporting one of our students, please email

Year 11

In this critical year, students are whole-heartedly supported when making difficult decisions about their futures. Advice is offered in an impartial way through many mediums. All students receive a guidance interview and independent advice is offered through interviews, assemblies, tutorials and Futures Day activities.

Years 12 & 13

Once again, our students face some difficult choices at this crucial time in their lives. As well as having access to impartial advice and guidance from an independent careers adviser, our young adults will also have the opportunity to participate in Higher Education and Futures Day activities, open days and a UCAS convention. Information about apprenticeships and alternatives to university can be found using the following link.

The internet can provide you with a host of valuable information when making course and career decisions. The sheer quantity however is a little daunting and so we have selected the links below as we feel they offer the most relevant advice to supplement what we offer at school.​!hello

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