Southgate School


Music at KS3 is heavily practical and involves performing, listening and composing using a variety of instruments and voice as well as music technology (we have over 35 iMacs running Logic Pro X, Garageband and Sibelius). Reggae, Music Technology, Samba, Composition, Blues, Jazz, Song writing, and Film Music are but some of the areas that will be studied over the course of years 7, 8, 9.

Students who opt to study music at GCSE and A-Level, follow a course with a strong emphasis on performance and composition skills, that also includes a rigorous written listening component. We follow the Edexcel specification. We offer and fund individual instrumental/vocal lessons to support our students and offer them the opportunity to develop their ability to use music technology for their composition coursework. 

Extracurricular Music

We have a vibrant and active music department with a wide variety of choice for students who enjoy music.  Weekly rehearsals take place after school and during lunch times. There are several concert opportunities throughout the year for students to showcase their skills and talents to their family and friends.

Ms L Barker and Ms L Couzin  - Head of Department - Job Share