Student Leadership Team

Student Leadership Team 

Student Leadership at Southgate School is an important aspect of engaging our students as decision makers and young people who understand democratic values.

Each year students have the opportunity to apply to run for Student Leadership and to represent their House. We expect our Student Leadership Team to embody the core values of the school and they are expected to:

  • To have attendance of over 96%
  • To take part in extra-curricular activities
  • To be able to speak and present in front of an audience
  • To be able to share ideas with staff and students
  • To have an excellent behaviour record and model behaviour to students across the school
  • To actively promote the Southgate School Vision

Five nominees from each House are selected from the applicants to stand for election and they are encouraged to canvas and campaign with students across Years 7 – 11. The election process then culminates in a day of voting – in the last two years, we have had an increase in the number of students turning out to vote this clearly shows that our students are interested in the democratic process and actively engage with important issues around the school. The team meet throughout the year to discuss and action issues that are raised by the wider school community, last year these included:

  • Catering in the canteen
  • The Behaviour Policy
  • The Home Learning Policy
  • Environmental issues
  • The planning of student led assemblies
  • Rewards and charity fundraisers

The Student Leadership Team 2020 – 2021 are:


Soraya Tomlinson-Shortt – House Leader

Tobi Obileye – Deputy House Leader

Ethan Land – House Leadership Team

Angel Ramdin – House Leadership Team

Noemi Hoxha – House Leadership Team


Tom Pajak – House Leader

Hristo Dimitrov – Deputy House Leader

Bamidele Awofadeju – House Leadership Team

Louie Lavers – House Leadership Team

Diana Chroni – House Leadership Team


Sofia Baloch – House Leader

Amy Connor – Deputy House Leader

Izabella Smith – House Leadership Team

Kajetan Tober – House Leadership Team

Sanvi Kumar – House Leadership Team


Ahmet Sark – House Leader

Evie Freeman – Deputy House Leader

Sarah Cutmore – House Leadership Team

Leo Holding – House Leadership Team

Nicole Doucanaris – House Leadership Team


Invitation to special PTA meeting with Mr Lavelle and Ms Hussein on Tuesday 2nd March. Please contact for further details.