Essential Equipment

To enable all students to make the most of their learning opportunities, Southgate School expects that every student has the following equipment, and failure to do so is subject to the school's Behaviour Policy:-

  • A pencil case
  • Black rollerball pen x2
  • Red rollerball pen x2
  • Pencil x2
  • Scissors (rounded tip)
  • Glue Stick
  • Eraser
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Ruler (with mm and cm units)
  • Scientific calculator- Casio FX85plus or Casio FX85gtx
  • Maths set (protractor, pair of compasses and set square)
  • Coloured pencils


For Design Technology lessons, all students are also required to bring their own:-

  • Apron

For Art lessons, all students are required to bring their own:-

KS3 pupils must have the following each art lesson:

  • 2B drawing pencil (not an HB)
  • black fine liner/gel pen

In addition, for homework they need:- 

  • ​a small pointed brush (No.6 size)
  • a set of primary colour water based paints (these can be acrylics or ready mix - such as Daler Rowney or Windsor & Newton)

At KS4:

For classwork:

  • ​As above
  • a set of graphite drawing pencils, grades approx.  H to 6B
  • USB memory stick

For homework:

  • acrylic paints
  • Small and medium sized brush.

In addition, students will benefit from having the following extra items:-

  • Highlighters
  • A pocket sized English dictionary
  • A pocket sized French dictionary
  • A USB stick

Please support students to regularly check that they have all the equipment and replace any lost items.