Attendance and Punctuality

Attendance Expectations

We expect students to attend school every day to ensure that they benefit from the opportunities that school offers. Regular attendance at school is essential to ensure uninterrupted progress and to enable students to fulfil their potential. There is a clear link between good attendance and students achieving their best in public examinations.

From 1 September 2015, the Government reduced the absence threshold from 15% to 10%, and so now a student with attendance at or below 90% is classed as a ‘persistent absentee’. This is regardless of whether the school has authorised or unauthorised the absence. This equates to 19 days of absence across the year. Minor ailments, such as a headache or slight cold, are not acceptable reasons for failing to attend school.

We are confident that parents are keen to work with us to ensure that all students meet the new threshold requirements since it is clear that this will have a positive effect on their learning. However, where there are repeated absences, the school may request parents to obtain medical evidence from a doctor’s surgery or local pharmacy as recommended by the Government. Where attendance becomes problematic, making it impossible for your child to make satisfactory progress, further action may be taken which could involve legal proceedings.

What happens if my child's absence falls to or below 90%

Attendance at or below 90% is considered ‘persistent absenteeism’. We know that some students have medical conditions which at times can affect their ability to attend school, however for the majority they should be in school full time. Our Attendance Officer monitors our attendance carefully and looks at individual cases in meetings with our Heads of Years. We will ask you to provide appointment cards or medical notes in order to be able to authorise your child’s absence if it falls to or below 90%.

Every half day absence from school has to be classified by the school (not the parent/carer) as either AUTHORISED or UNAUTHORISED. This is why information about the cause of absence is always required. When providing this information please give the student’s name and surname, form group, parent/carer name and reason for absence.

What if my child is unwell?

Parents must inform our Attendance Officer if their child will be absent using the My Ed app by 8.30am on the first day of absence stating the reason.  Evidence of absences for appointments should be emailed to: Parents should then notify the school on each subsequent day of absence.

If a student is absent from Period 1 and the school has not been notified, a text message will be sent notifying you of the absence and requesting you contact the school to provide a reason.

Reporting an absence

If a student is unable to attend school due to illness or for another authorised reason, parents should contact the Attendance Officer, Ms Rees on the morning of absence, by 8.30am.

We would ask that you inform her using the My Ed app.

Authorised absences

Please note that the decision of whether or not to authorise an absence rests with the school. Written requests are required for all absences. All medical appointments should be taken out of school where possible, however if your child is receiving medical or dental treatment, evidence should be provided.

Students leaving the school site during the day for medical appointments etc. must have a note from parents stating the reason for leaving school. All students will need to be collected from the main Reception.

It is absolutely vital that any student leaving the school site during the day signs out at Reception and then signs back in again on their return to school. This procedure is particularly important in case of a fire drill or emergency evacuation.

We are likely to authorise absences for genuine illness, medical and dental appointments. We will not authorise absences for shopping trips, birthdays or other preventable absences.

What time should my child be at school?

Students should arrive at school no later than 8.30am, as lessons begin at 8.40am. Students who are late to school should expect to serve a detention to make up the time that has been lost if there is no valid reason for being late.

Please be aware that we check the attendance of every child who is marked in the register as absent without exception. This includes the Sixth Form students.


Holidays during term time will not be authorised. Any requests for holidays during term time must be made in writing to the Attendance Officer. Parents should be aware that holidays taken during term time will have a highly detrimental impact on a child's learning.

For any further information please see our Attendance and Punctuality Policy which can be found by clicking here