Planning for the future at Southgate School Sixth Form

The majority of students leave Southgate Sixth Form and go onto Higher Education. Most of our students progress onto universities, Oxford, Cambridge and Russell Group institutions studying a variety of subjects from History and Law to Veterinary Science, Medicine, Acting and Aeronautical Engineering. Click on the links below to see our full list of destinations of previous students in the last few years.

We have a comprehensive programme that supports students to follow their chosen path and reach their goals. From the time they join the Sixth form, students are encouraged to think about their next steps and how their studies fit into the bigger picture of their careers. We use UNIFROG to support students as they research different careers, courses and to log skills and competencies as they develop them. This process begins in year 7 for every child at Southgate School so in Year 12, we are able to build on careers education they have had throughout the school through this fundamental aspect of our careers programme. In year 12 students investigate courses at universities in the UK and overseas as well as the world of work and apprenticeships. Students will find the resources on UNIFROG fascinating. It has a wonderful library of resources ranging from podcasts and additional reading for different subjects, guidance on tests and interviews, writing personal statements and CVs as well as testimonials from peoples in a wide range of careers, student finances, work experience. In addition to UNIFROG, we have a careers advisor who comes into school regularly for students to meet face-to-face which support our assemblies, PSHCE sessions and talks which begin in the Autumn term of Year 12. Post covid, we hope to continue our apprenticeships programme, which involves visits from National Rail who offer Level 2 and 3 apprenticeships – an example of links we are building to connect our students with competitive opportunities.

We promote and encourage students to engage with UCAS events throughout the year, including the Higher Education week which prepares students for university through a variety of webinars and online sessions to help with choosing the right course, university and completing the personal statement. Information about taster sessions, summer schools and work experience to help gain experience is shared regularly with students. The Sutton Trust has provided a successful route for our students applying to Summer schools over recent years and helped to secure places on summer schools that are often free and give students the edge they need for their personal statements.

Prior to COVID-19 we arranged regular trips to Universities – We want all students to have the opportunity to visit institutions such as Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, Queen Mary’s and Warwick. We hope to continue these visits as we enter 2021/2022 and develop our links with other universities to ensure as many students as possible experience a Higher Education environment.

In year 13, as students make their final decisions regarding the university and course of their choice, we strive to give them every opportunity to support their applications with a stand out personal statement and their strongest predicted grades. We offer our students several opportunities to demonstrate their potential during assessments in Year 12 and again in Year 13 if needed. We have very high expectations of all students in the Sixth Form and encourage them to be aspirational throughout their time with us, ensuring they perform in line with their full potential.

We are committed to provided holistic support for our students throughout the application process whether this be for Higher Education or Apprenticeships. This begins from the moment they begin completing application forms in May of Year 12 to the time they have secured their University place after Level 3 exam results are published. Our Higher Education support is not only considered to be extremely helpful by our outgoing students but also by universities who often write to us to say thank you for the “wonderful teacher references” that support applications from students of Southgate School.


Oxbridge Programme

The Oxbridge Group is identified at the start of Year 12 and is made up of students who achieved the highest grades at GCSE. In a normal year, this group meets regularly to receive and share information about lectures and opportunities as well to support each other and to discuss next steps. The group aims to raise aspirations and ensure that our students have the confidence, experience and skills to apply to any of the country’s top universities.

On entrance to the Oxbridge Programme, these students receive the Southgate school ‘Aiming for Oxbridge’ booklet at the start of year 12 which includes the following information:

1. Personal Statement

a. The plan
b. What experiences you should have
c. Personal Statement examples
d. Additional information
e. Deadlines

2. Sending Work

a. Selecting / writing your work
b. Preparing to talk about your work

3. Entrance Exams

a. Compulsory subject tests at Oxford
b. Compulsory subject tests at Cambridge
c. Practical tips on how to prepare

4. Interviews

a. The interview process at Oxford
b. The interview process at Cambridge
c. Practical tips on how to prepare
d. Examples of Oxbridge interview 12-15 questions experienced by Southgate and QE Boys Alumni

The Oxbridge Programme provided at Southgate School has recently been supported by an external company – Medicmind – who provide over 30 hours of additional online tutoring in groups and for individuals. Medicmind provide exceptional support for our student preparing for the BMAT, TSA, UCAT and LNAT.

We are conscious of the role that interview practice plays in preparing students applying for the most prestigious universities and have enjoyed good relationships public schools (including Harrow School’s Lumina programme and St Albans’ Boys School) who have supported our students with interview practice - we hope to resume these during 2021/2022. We are confident that the numbers of Southgate students receiving Oxbridge offers will continue to grow through our ever developing support for the Oxbridge Group.


University application calendar

Year 12 Summer Term 1

UCAS registration

Open day visits

Year 12 Summer Term 2

Open day visits

Year 12 MOCK exams to help inform University predicated grades

Tutorials on personal statement writing

Subject references completed by teachers

Year 13 Autumn Term 1

Personal statements checked by staff

Final checks to Oxbridge, Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science and other early University student applications

15th October - Deadline for the above courses and applications are sent off by school

Year 13 Autumn Term 2

Year 13 MOCK exams – another chance to get predicted grades higher to send off to Universities

Year 13 Spring Term

All other personal statements and University applications checked by staff

15th January – UCAS deadline and all final applications sent by 6pm