Why Choose Southgate

At Southgate School we work to enable students to fulfil their true potential so that they can find a career and pathway through life that truly reflects their unique talents andImg0042 personality.

Combining a broad curriculum and exciting enrichment opportunities with strong pastoral care and high quality teaching, we inspire, challenge and support all students to ensure they thrive both personally and academically. We have close links with businesses and universities that help guide and shape our students’ future plans.

Img0098Academic rigour and excellent exam preparation are a given. We provide the opportunities for our students to grow as individuals, to develop their unique talents and skills, to assume leadership roles and form lasting friendships; all of which allow them to step confidently into the real world. We have high expectations of our students and staff alike. Many of our students will one day be leaders in society, business and industry and conscious of this, our approach to teaching and learning builds adaptability and resilience in our young people, equipping them for life in the 21st century.

So, if you are looking for a strong, dynamic school where students are valued asImg0141 individuals and there is a track record of academic success, then Southgate School is for your child. We are a proud, founder member of the Middlesex Learning Trust with The Compton School; we are an outward-facing school that networks across the country sharing best practice in an ongoing quest to raise standards and ensure the best outcomes for all of our students.


Img0118This is a school with heart and energy, a school that celebrates the Arts and Performing Arts, a school with a rich extra-curricular offer including wonderful music concerts where our jazz bands, school orchestra and school choir perform. We have Art exhibitions where the quality of work is simply remarkable, whole school productions that are truly uplifting and mass student participation in our vibrant Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. Our House system holds regular competitions and our approach to rewards for students recognises the achievements of everyone, be they academically able, a sports star or a student with a strong sense of community and a big heart!!

It’s almost anachronistic to say such a thing in this time of league tables andImg 0119 rising expectations on schools and students, but we find that if students look forward to coming to school; if they have a best friend at school; if they enjoy their lessons and if they get on well with most of their teachers, then their outcomes improve. People who visit us, including external inspectors, routinely comment on our upbeat and friendly atmosphere and understand that it is possible to be both a  happy and a successful school.