Policies & Procedures

Documents Date  
Access Arrangements 18th Dec 2017 Download
MLT Admissions Policy 23rd May 2018 Download
MLT Gifts and Hospitality Policy 23rd May 2018 Download
Southgate School Admissions Criteria Sep... 07th Oct 2019 Download
MLT Safeguarding Addendum 27th Apr 2020 Download
MLT Student Wellbeing Policy 03rd Sep 2020 Download
MLT Staff Wellbeing Policy 04th Nov 2020 Download
Principles For Remote Learning 2020 09th Feb 2021 Download
Anti Bullying Policy September 2021 15th Sep 2021 Download
MLT Whistleblowing Policy Summer 2021 06th Jan 2022 Download
MLT SEND Policy 21 22 06th Jan 2022 Download
Accessibility Plan January 2022 28th Jan 2022 Download
MLT Health and Safety Policy Sept 2022 27th Sep 2022 Download
Positive Behaviour Policy 2022 2023 06th Oct 2022 Download
Attendance and Punctuality Policy 2022 2... 13th Oct 2022 Download
Southgate School Uniform Policy 13th Oct 2022 Download
Southgate School Medical Policy 2022 19th Oct 2022 Download
MLT Safer Recruitment Policy 03rd Nov 2022 Download
Looked After Child Policy 2022 04th Nov 2022 Download
Careers Education Information and Guidan... 04th Nov 2022 Download
MLT Freedom of Information Policy and Pu... 22nd Nov 2022 Download
Home School Communication Protocols 10th Jan 2023 Download
MLT Charging and Remissions Policy Janua... 23rd Feb 2023 Download
Privacy Notice for Visitors 16th Mar 2023 Download
Data Protection Policy 2023 including SA... 20th Mar 2023 Download
Privacy notice for Students and Parents... 20th Mar 2023 Download
MLT Online Safety Policy 2023 04th Sep 2023 Download
Keeping Children Safe in Education 2023... 04th Sep 2023 Download
MLT Data Breach Policy 30th Oct 2023 Download
MLT Data Retention Policy 30th Oct 2023 Download
MLT Complaints Policy 31st Oct 2023 Download
MLT RHSE Policy 09th Nov 2023 Download
MLT Safeguarding and Child Protection Po... 13th Nov 2023 Download
MLT Equality Objectives 2023 24 SS 23rd Nov 2023 Download
MLT Equalities Policy 21st Feb 2022 Download