Clubs & Activities

Clubs and Activities

As part of our core school value, Excellence For All, students are encouraged and expected to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular clubs and activities that are on offer every night of the week, free of charge and open to all.

Students can earn Epraise points for attending clubs and activities; they should sign up on Epraise and then staff will register their attendance and award individual points which count towards an individual’s Epraise points and pledges, and also that of their Tutor Group and House.

See below for our Clubs and Activities after school offer; note there is a separate





Art/Photography club




D&T Club

3.00-4.00pm (N4)

KS3 students


Chess Club

3.00-4.00pm (E15)

KS3 Students


Female coding club

3.15-4.15pm (W7)

All Key Stages


GCSE iMedia/Cambridge Technicals IT/Computer Science Surgery

3.00-4.00pm (N1)

KS4/5 students


Homework Club

3.00-4.00pm (E26)



Standing Ovation Drama Club (starting 2nd Oct)

3:00-4:00pm (S23)

All Year groups, run by KS5 students


Student Magazine (Starting 18th Sept)

3.00-4.00pm (W50/51)

KS3, KS4 and volunteered KS5 assistants



Art Club


KS3 (N8)


English homework club

3.00pm-4.00pm (W7)

All students


Gaming Club

3.00-4.00pm (W48)

All students


Gardening Club (starting 18th Sept)

3:00-4:00pm (N9)



Homework Club

3.00-4.00pm (E26)



Lets Get Cooking Club (3rd Oct start)

3:00pm-4:00pm (W18)

Years 7 and 8


Science Club (starting in October)

3.00– 3.45pm (E28)

KS3 Students


The Spanish society (Film and culture) (starting 19th Sept)

3:00-4:00pm (W43)

KS3 students


Time Travellers History Club (3rd Oct start)

3.00-4.00pm (?)

Years 7 and 8




Homework Club

3.00-4.00pm (E26)




Art Club

3:00pm-4:00pm (N12)

Ks4 Students


Computer Science Surgery

3.00-4.00pm (W51)

KS4/5 students


The French society (Film and culture)

3.00-4.00pm (W44)

KS3 students


GCSE DT catch up sessions

3.00-4.00pm (N5)

KS4 students


History film club

3.00-4.00pm (W39)

Years 9 and 10


History and Politics Coffee and Cake (once a month)

3.00-4.00pm (N3)

Years 11-13


Health and Social Care Catch-up

After School

KS5 students


Homework Club

3.00-4.00pm (E26)



Ignition Maths Club

3.00– 4.00pm

All students (E43)


iMedia/Cam techs/CS surgery


KS4/5 students


Medicine, Vetinary and Dentistry

3:00-4:00pm (E9)

KS5 Students


Psychology Club

3:00-3:45pm (S24)

KS4 student

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