The Media Curriculum

At KS4 student follows a video editing pathway for the Cambridge Technicals curriculum.

Students learn skills in problem solving, communication, teamwork, analysis, leadership and independent thinking. They study media audiences and institutions, legal and ethical issues, representation, meaning, production process, target audiences and roles of regulatory bodies.

Upon completion of the two-year course, students have gained skills on video editing and production equipment. They learn video editing skills on Final Cut Pro X including: transitions, special effects, masking, customised titles, colour grading and sound design. Students are trained to use a DSLR, mobile stabiliser, chroma key on green screen, shoulder rig and three-point lighting system.

Students have the opportunity to attend a lesson on script to screen at Warner Bros Studio Tour London- The Making of Harry Potter. They have frequent opportunities to complete video productions for Southgate School.

By the end of the experience students are prepared for university study, professional courses and a variety of media careers. Most students continue pursuing a media-related future.