The Psychology department at Southgate School aims to help students understand how the mind can influence human behaviour and develop them into well-rounded individuals. Through the Psychology curriculum, students learn more about why a person behaves the way that they do. It is a very rewarding subject that provides students with a deeper understanding of people and society; of human behaviour and mental processes. In class, students are challenged to consider alternative ideologies and concepts as well as how behaviour affects various and diverse cultures and upbringing experiences.

Studying Psychology opens up many future pathways for our students through the transferable skills they develop throughout, such as statistical analysis, presentational skills, academic writing, understanding academic literature, analytical skills as well as interpersonal skills.

At Southgate School, we teach AQA Psychology following a linear two-year structure. The course is taught synoptically to allow students to draw connections and to master effective evaluative techniques. Students begin by learning the origins of psychology and the six key psychological perspectives in order to draw connections and evaluate other topic areas. Through Year 12, we cover units on memory, research methods, attachment, social influence, psychopathology and biopsychology.

In year 2, the topics are chosen to help equip students beyond the Psychology curriculum. Students study the units on schizophrenia, relationships, forensic psychology and issues and debates. To ascertain the impact of the curriculum, we use several qualitative and quantitative measures, including end-of-topic tests to highlight and address misconceptions and measure progress, mock exams and peer and self-review.