Southgate School Christmas Concert

Posted on: December 8th 2015

Thursday 3rd December saw our annual Christmas Concert in the newly refurbished hall with the brand new sound and light system. A small group of students had been training hard to learn how to use this equipment in time for the concert. A huge effort was made by the Sound and Light Crew both in the tricky set-up and during the concert itself, and they did an extremely good job; the new system made a big difference to the overall sound in the audience and that’s a rather important thing!

A big thank you must go to the stars of the event - the many performers who took part and made it a wonderful concert, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.  There were so many talented performers across ensembles of such differing genres and sizes, and all year groups of the school were represented. The newly formed ukulele group have grown dramatically in size, performing beautifully, and in addition to our regular ensembles, there were performances of exam pieces and classwork, which it was a pleasure to hear performed to such a high level.


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