Supporting The North Enfield Foodbank

Posted on: January 24th 2023

Last term, our students took part in a competition that supported a local charity 'The North Enfield Foodbank'. They worked as part of their House teams: Fire, Water, Air and Earth to donate goods to their House storage box for the charity. The House team that donated the most goods to the Food bank won a non school uniform day and lots of points for their House. It was heart warming to see so many of our students and parents giving to those in need and supporting a local charity. Thank you to everyone that made a contribution. After a very close competition....having to count every item in the boxes for each House, our winners were Water House donating the most to the charity! The goods were picked up by the Food bank the following week and were delighted!

'Every year we continue to work with our local homeless charity 'The Little Things' to support them, particularly during the Christmas period when it can be most challenging for some individuals. We ask students if they wish to participate in making up shoe boxes filled with goods to be handed out to people that need them most. We are delighted and so humbled with the generous, wonderful contributions some of our students and families made this year. Over 40 boxes were made up and beautifully wrapped to be given out as gifts to the homeless who greatly appreciated them. Thank you to everyone that supported us!

A personal message from Tilly Martin who runs The Little Things:

'Thank you all so much, you have no idea how much it means to our guys and knowing where the boxes came from means more to them that you'll ever know. I sobbed when I saw the generous contributions from Southgate School'.



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