Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award

Posted on: May 9th 2015

Over the weekend of the 9th-10th May, 78 Year 10 students completed the practice expedition for their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award.  The preparation for this had involved route planning sessions and a training day in either March or April.

They were dropped off by parents at their start point on Saturday morning, to be joined by their accompanying teacher. Then, in their groups of 6/7, they had to follow their route with the help of a map and compass. 

Approximately 15 kilometres later they arrived at the campsite in Cuffley.  Tents were put up, a hot meal was cooked and pots and pans were washed before a debriefing session, where the lessons of the day were learned and the route for the next day was talked through. 

Students then discovered just how cold it is when sleeping about half an inch off the ground. They were awoken at either 4.30 by birdsong or around 6 o’clock by bright sunlight. After breakfast, tents were taken down, all rubbish was cleared, a different teacher arrived to accompany the group and off they went again on another 15 kilometre walk.  Tired feet, sore shoulders and a hot sun made sure that it was the challenge the expedition is meant to be. 

The reaction of the staff who helped out over the weekend was unanimously positive and the teachers who have been doing this for several years were delighted at just how good this group was.  It was a shame that no-one else was on the campsite to see them being such a credit to Southgate School.  We had stressed the importance of being at school on Monday, no matter how tired or blistered.  The result?  Out of 78 students – one absent. A better rate than the rest of year 10!

Many thanks to:

-All the teachers/husbands of teachers, teaching assistants and technicians who were with the groups

over the weekend.  Their only perk was fish and chips on Saturday night and bacon rolls on

Sunday morning.

-All the staff who helped out with the training/route planning/preparation for the practice


-All the staff who visited the campsite on Saturday evening.  Cakes were brought.  Staff only. 

Students have to be “self-sufficient”!

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