Congratulations to our GCSE Students

Posted on: August 23rd 2019

GCSE success 2019!


Congratulations to our remarkable students for another set of superb GCSE results! It was wonderful to see so many smiling faces and shouts of joy yesterday as students opened their results – just reward for so much hard work!


Our headline figures are particularly pleasing with:

  • 75% of students achieving a 9-4 in both English and mathematics and
  • 52% of students achieving a 9-5 in both English and mathematics. 


We are delighted with so many top grades being achieved but also with the individual stories of success against the odds and the remarkable resilience that some of our students showed. Students have been sitting more rigorous exams with all subjects now following reformed curriculum and facing tougher papers than previous years, so they have done very well indeed.


Special mention must go to the following students:

Ella McCartney                            9999999999 

Sasha Torma                               9999999888

Tim Woodley                               9999999976

William Prior                                9999999877

Alexander Kyriacou                     9999999886

Scott Wilson                                9998888877

Amy Sandley                               9988888877

Cleopatra Charalambous            9988888777

Louis Handley                             9988888777



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