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Posted on: December 10th 2021

Southgate School is committed to provide students access to literature that will spark their interest in reading. It is our pleasure to see that the School Library has been busier than in any previous years before and it is our goal to continue to strengthen a culture for reading across the year groups.

The school library welcomes book donations from students and parents to enhance our library collection. If you have good condition books that you believe would be a great addition to the library, please feel free to e-mail Please note that all donations will be reviewed and considered for appropriateness.

We have put together a Christmas wish list Amazon page where you can simply select the title you’d like to purchase and it will be delivered to Southgate School and a book plate will be placed inside the book, for example “Donated by the Smith Family”. We are grateful for your help and support.

To access the Southgate School Library’s Wish List simply follow these steps:

  1. Use this link to access the school 's Library Wish List

  1. Simply select the title(s) you’d like to purchase.
  2. Complete the ordering process. The book will be delivered to Southgate School.

Christmas book

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