Disconnected Art Exhibition

Posted on: February 10th 2022

Southgate School OCR Cambridge Technical Art students have been inspired by the title ‘Disconnected’ to create this exhibition.  

We focused on the impact that Covid-19 had in our remote lessons, mental health and how disconnected society has become. Our generation of students have a clear insight into the huge pressures young people feel in today's society and the impact this has on their mental health.  

Some of the displayed artwork was completed during the different phases of lockdown. We have created a wide range of work in response to this issue, varying from figurative to abstraction and symbolism. Mixed media, film, mono-prints, photomontage, expressive portraits and symbolic natural forms reflect the students' own personal understanding of Covid-19 era and their mental health.

The artwork will be for sale with the hope to raise funds for our chosen charity 'Mind' (Barnet Branch), which supports individuals coping with mental health. 

Below is the link that will take you directly to the exhibition website where you can buy work.  

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