Southgate School's Gardening Club

Posted on: July 19th 2022

Activities/work done by students during the year:

  • Making beautiful baskets
  • Making a bug hotel
  • Planting vegetables in trugs
  • Transplanting seedlings to plugs
  • Painting a couple of pallets, getting them ready to be reused as our first vertical planter!
  • Transplanting some sweet peas to a different planter.
  • Transplanting tomato seedlings
  • Students showed so much interest in wildlife

Our first school trip

The gardening club joined with the Ignition maths club recently to visit the Enfield Garden Centre at Crews Hill.

The maths club created a scale drawing of the garden, decoding original plans and using online tools to get measurements correct. They also created a spreadsheet to manage an imaginary budget of £1000, with potential purchases split into categories such as plants and equipment.

The gardening club discussed the size of the garden, what it would be used for, which plants would be suitable to grow there and how much space they would take up as they grew. They used this in conjunction with the scale drawing to decide on trees and shrubs that would provide fruit and make a colourful display.

We ran out of time to complete the design but enjoyed the trip so much that we hope to repeat the trip in the autumn when we get a real budget.

Harvest of the year:

Sweet peas



Green beans


Plans for the new academic year 2022-23

House competitions

Wildlife garden

Ornamental garden

Herb garden

Vegetable garden

And more ……

Details will follow in September

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