Sowing Sweet Peas

Posted on: November 1st 2022

Sowing peas in a pot might seem a simple task, but for students who have never been involved in gardening it is a complete new learning journey.

Some students in the Gardening Club are gardening enthusiasts whereas some are novices. It was a packed-full learning session. Students learnt to use a sieve to prepare some recycled soil, then they learnt how to fold a toilet roll so that it can be used as a pot, after that they learnt how to prepare good drainage soil for sowing sweet peas in a toilet roll.

They were very proud that they could use their handmade compost scoops and labels during the activities.

Students had a complete gardening experience, with lots of concentration time and laughs! 

Using homemade compost scoop to sieve recycled topsoil

Learning how to fold a toilet roll to become a sowing pot

Final product sweet pea pots with homemade labels

Filling up recycled pot

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