Sky News & Amani Simpson's Film 'Save Me'

Posted on: July 19th 2023

We were delighted to host Sky News for a preview of Amani Simpson’s film ‘Save Me’ last week.   A group of Year 8 and 9 students watched the film and were given the opportunity to feedback and ask questions to the award winner, youth coach and film maker. The film was created in conjunction with Enfield Council and will be shown across secondary school’s next academic year.  It is dedicated to all young people suffering the hardships of exploitation. It was first created to highlight that extra-familial harm can happen in schools, peer friendship groups and in local communities.  Please find below the link to the Sky News Report -

Save me

Below is a link to the film which we encourage parents and guardians to watch this with their children.

2 teenagers, connected through trauma, embark on a cab journey in search of freedom.  Save Me is a 33 min social impact short film following 2 teenagers, connected through trauma, who embark on a cab journey in search of freedom. Written and directed by award-winning youth coach Amani Simpson, starring A Smxlls (Popular YouTuber and TikToker) and rapper Litty Lights (Nines' Crop Circle film).

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