Dream Trip to Disney

Posted on: November 8th 2023

Ryan Aoudjet is one of our most inspirational students, showing resilience and determination at all points!

Ryan has achieved so much for a student in Year 9, this is especially clear in his work with Great Ormand Street Hospital where he has been elected as the youngest ever Vice Chair of The Young Peoples Forum, having been elected by over 70 members of the forum. Ryan’s work with GOSH includes leading forum meetings, helping to design the Children’s Cancer Centre and the Sight and Sound Centre, presenting to the governors group which is made up of staff and parents and conducting interview for adult staff members including the Chief Financial Officer, Head of Music therapy and the Chief Operating Officer.

Further to this Ryan was nominated to take part in the Dreamflight charities trip to Florida in October 2023, Ryan was one of 200 young people who were given this fantastic opportunity! Ryan had the opportunity to talk to ITV news about his experience and said that the trip had “improved his confidence, For example, I've met people who could be taking the same medication as me, and that is easier to be able to share experiences."

Ryan really is an extraordinary young person who has a very bright future ahead of him!


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