Year 9 & 10 Brilliant Club

Posted on: February 3rd 2016

Brilliant Club- Year 9 and 10

Thank You to all the students in Year 9 and 10 who applied for The Brilliant Clubs, Scholars Programme. All applications were read and selected by heads of year and the enrichment coordinator. So thank you all for your hard work and dedication. We would like to congratulate our finalists on their place on The Scholars Programme:

Year 10 :

Bojider Tener, Sophia Barrett, Sirusshan Srithaian, Victor Stazec, Luca Laudini, Shinel Hassan, Reshat, Britney Laruea, Isla Lockhart, Yani Constantinou, James Davenport, Sabine Middleton and Elizabeth Nkela.

Year 9:

Paulina Moson, Jada Mehmet, Noah Bagshaw, Tiger Campbell Yates, Mazen Abdul-Jaber, Natalia Spaliara, Yianni Polycarpou, Kissinger Njoku, Jade Kamedu, Akshay Patel, Alex Hergenhan and Umut Dogan.

Remember  If you were unsuccessful this year, you can re-apply in Year 10 or Year 12.

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