SSC Art Group Trip to The British Museum

Posted on: July 1st 2016

On Monday June 7th the SSC Art group visited the brand new 'Sunken Cities' exhibition at The British Museum.  An ancient Egyptian city had sunk under the sea, and was only discovered by divers twenty years ago.  After viewing this special exhibition, we then went upstairs in the museum to see other Egyptian artefacts – the odd mummified body, still with hair and teeth, included!  Miss Carey, Miss DeKoningh and Miss Belcher Brown accompanied the trip.

We travelled by tube to Russell Square then walked through the park enjoying fountains and flower gardens, to the museum.  Amazingly, the statues, weapons, jewellery and other artefacts of ancient Egypt were beautifully preserved, and we all enjoyed viewing them, to the sound of the water deep under the sea.  Kleo Mehmeti said she loved ‘seeing and talking about the history of the underwater city, and how mummies are mummies.  I’d like to go again!  It was really fun!  Reuben Parker Stevenson said he liked the mummies the best, especially ‘the man with the stab wound, from 5.500 years ago.  Daniel Brown also thoroughly enjoyed the day, his favourite part being ‘lunchtime, because I was hungry and tired from walking around a lot – it was good, with people I get on with.’

We all arrived back to school very tired – wishing we’d had a ‘fit bit’ to tell us how far we’d walked!  Daniel was right, we walked all day …and had a brilliant time!

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