Southgate School PPE Production for the NHS & Care Workers

Posted on: April 21st 2020

We are very proud of how Southgate School's DT department has been helping the NHS and carers by producing PPE, or personal protective equipment, using materials from our school and our partner school The Compton.

Over the past two weeks, Mr Pearce and Ms Curtin have been working hard to make 163 visors, some of which have already been given to Abbey Ravenscroft Park Nursing Home. This has involved hammering the material on the laser cutter, cutting the head bands out of polypropylene and cutting the visors out of PVC by hand.  The visors made will be invaluable in protecting carers and NHS workers as they perform their incredible work. Ms Frost and Ms Curtin have also been busy at home on their sewing machines making scrubs for the NHS.

Thank you and well done, DT, for these wonderful contributions.

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