Maths Masterclass

Posted on: April 22nd 2020

Southgate school is delighted to learn that all 6 of our year 7 and year 9 nominations for Maths Masterclasses have been accepted, and even better they are on-line sessions and so will continue to run despite our current difficult situation.

The Maths Masterclasses are an initiative run by TalentEd and Simon Singh. TalentEd is a charity providing tailored tuition to high-potential students partnering with Simon Singh’s Good Thinking initiative which aims to challenge Britain’s young mathematicians to greater heights. You can find more information here.

Places on the Maths Masterclasses are extremely limited, so it’s fantastic that all 6 of our nominated students were accepted for this extra challenge. The sessions are designed to push the students beyond what they cover in their school maths lessons and will consist of one hour per week of online advanced maths tuition in groups of 3-5, for a series of four weeks during the month of May.

We are very proud of the following students:

Adam Karanikis

Year 7

Luke Baughan-Withington

Year 7

Eylem Yavuz

Year 7

Gurkiran Duggal

Year 9

Evangelos Smyrnaios

Year 9

Dominic Ellis

Year 9




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